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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:21 pm    Post subject: Amir El Zalam Malayalam Full Movie Free Download

Amir El Zalam Malayalam Full Movie Free Download

Pilot and October veteran Saeed El Masry has lost his sight. In the aftermath, he is in turnaround in special hostels due to his rebellious manners. In his next stop, he befriends a group of blind youngsters who make him their leader and furthermore their eyes to see the world. At night, Saeed dresses up and goes to a nightclub where he encounters Alia who falls in love with him. At the meantime, a mysterious gang of foreign terrorists chooses the blind hostel as their base to assassinate a politician visiting Egypt. These various plot elements culminate at the final climax when Saeed faces solely the terrorists with bravery.
The film revolves around Saeed AL-Masri (Adel Imam), one of the pilots of the October War who lost his sight after his plane exploded in the war are forced to live in a home for the blind run by a very bureaucratic turning it into a prison refuses Said what was happening and refused to recognize his powerlessness, it begins in the education of blind Casablanca meaning of colors and starting and seeing life from the perspective of Akhr.o arise, including a state of love of family and recognize Baalia Fine actress in "disco Tech" tells the story of her Vtaatatef him and arise between them in a romantic relationship, and one day while he was outside the house with Alia stormed the house foreign terrorist gang most who are killing Casablanca and requisition everything in preparation for the attack on the convoy of one of the next two presidents from abroad for the completion of peace talks. Said back at night to surprise the bodies of his colleagues he realizes what's going on who shall prevent and to save the convoy.
This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen for Adel Imam. He should have respected his respectable career that extends from late 1950s. The idea of the movie is not bad however, the implementation of the idea is not what i expected from the director, who is in fact, the son of Adel Imam himself. I expected a better handling of the subject from Ramy but seems he preferred to stay in the shadow of his father. The script and the dialogue are not bad. The visual effects and graphics, as expected from any Egyptian movie, really sucks. Some of the featured guest stars were not taking it seriously. Sherine Seef el Nasr was not bad for her first role in many years. I voted this movie 3 as i appreciated he effort done by Ramy Imam in his first movie as a director and for the effort done by other actors. And to sum it all up, I am happy that i didn't watch that movie in the theatre.


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